Txt Me: Your Phone Has Changed Your Life. Let's Talk about It.

What’s bigger than the internet? Putting it in every pocket, and in every purse. This changes everything, in ways we are only beginning to understand. Mobile devices have become staples of daily life, and our nonstop use of them has changed society . . . forever.

In Txt Me, Bonin Bough, one of the world’s leaders in digital marketing, explores the exciting impact and future implications of mobile devices and digital communication on individuals, companies, and society.

Including insights from the minds behind Coca-Cola, Conde Nast, NASCAR, and Twitter, Bonin breaks down the often counterintuitive ways mobile devices and digital data are reshaping the way we experience, consume, and think, including:

  • Why consumers now have more control of their shopping and spending

  • How mobile phones have actually “rescued” language

  • Why parents—not kids—should put down their phones

  • How our relationship with politicians has evolved—and improved

  • Why cell phones have improved our interaction with our surroundings—not hindered it

  • How mobile devices are enabling us to better monitor, and enhance, our personal health

Txt Me is a fascinating, funny, entertaining exploration of how our mobile society is changing the way we are behaving, reacting, thinking, learning, parenting, dating, having sex, eating, worshiping, exercising, and buying. It will challenge, surprise, provoke, and inspire you.

Yes, the number on the cover is real. Text Bonin at (646-759-1837) with your answers to any of the questions called out throughout the book. He will text back with his thoughts. Just remember to include the hashtag of the question you’re answering in each text!

What people are saying about Txt Me!

“Bonin Bough is one of the most important change agents in marketing; his knowledge of mobile marketing is second to none. One of America’s most energetic mobile believers and a true friend, Bonin brings his unique sermon on mobile from the pulpit to the page.”
—Carolyn Everson, VP of Global Marketing Solutions at Facebook

“Surprising and insightful. . . . Bonin reveals the many different ways in which mobile technology can impact our lives. A powerful message that affects us all.”
—Peter Guber, producer, owner of Warriors and LA Dodgers

“Bonin is a scientist in marketer's clothing, studying the nature of communication between people through networks the way a biologist would observe ants touching antennae. His insights are not mere intuitions, but rigorous, workable, and applicable lessons in the transmission and dissemination of ideas.”
—Douglas Rushkoff, author and innovator

“Insightful in-the-trenches look at how businesses can transform themselves with digital and how individuals are having their lives transformed by mobile.”
—Gary Vaynerchuk, entrepreneur and leader